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AS - I Am Eoin's Descendent by Avenger-In-Training AS - I Am Eoin's Descendent :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 2 Dad Duo -doodle- by Avenger-In-Training Dad Duo -doodle- :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 6 Mr. Satan by Avenger-In-Training Mr. Satan :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 0 NotG - Villains by Avenger-In-Training NotG - Villains :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 3 - Young Heart of Gold - by Avenger-In-Training - Young Heart of Gold - :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 0 AS - Hero Sprites by Avenger-In-Training AS - Hero Sprites :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 0 4 Bye Bitch~ by Avenger-In-Training Bye Bitch~ :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 0 Out With The Fireflies by Avenger-In-Training Out With The Fireflies :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 2 AS - Mama's Little Blossom by Avenger-In-Training AS - Mama's Little Blossom :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 0 The Traveling Magician by Avenger-In-Training The Traveling Magician :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 2 Little Miss Roze'lia by Avenger-In-Training Little Miss Roze'lia :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 0 AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience' by Avenger-In-Training AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience' :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 3 AS - Sabrina by Avenger-In-Training AS - Sabrina :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 2 AS - Trickery by Avenger-In-Training AS - Trickery :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 8 4 AS - The Prophecy by Avenger-In-Training AS - The Prophecy :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 4
AS - With Every Passing Year -gifty-
Katerina Greyson hummed to herself as she ran a silver brush through her thick, dark locks. The sun was beginning to set, casting a golden light into her bedroom and brightening up the pale blue walls. Earlier that day, she had drawn the white curtains for the first time in months. It was April and the last bits of the year's long and bitter winter had melted away, leaving behind blossoming trees and flowers in her garden. Even with the window closed, she could already imagine the gentle scent of lilacs that was beginning to fill the air, and after months of heavy clothing and wool, she could finally wear a light, pale green dress that felt ten pounds lighter than what she had previously been wearing. Spring was easily Katerina's favorite time of the year - it was a season of rebirth, beauty, and second chances. 
As she was sitting at her large vanity and combing her hair, Katerina heard the slight creak of a door opening. She smiled a knowing smile at herself in the mirror
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 2




I'm just a self-taught artist and writer with a deep love for psychology and mythology. :meow:

Feel free to look around and drop a fav or comment if you like! :D



FUKAMI by zlxcoco100 FUKAMI :iconzlxcoco100:zlxcoco100 435 32 Samewadas by aryllins Samewadas :iconaryllins:aryllins 864 14 Sal welcome by moonplata Sal welcome :iconmoonplata:moonplata 102 2 Uomi hime doodle by moonplata Uomi hime doodle :iconmoonplata:moonplata 108 8 Pulmo! by AkiAki-San Pulmo! :iconakiaki-san:AkiAki-San 130 3 Memoca by Ferocious-bite Memoca :iconferocious-bite:Ferocious-bite 136 21 The Black and White Diamond by wolfifi The Black and White Diamond :iconwolfifi:wolfifi 203 6 Neville Longbottom by mochatchi Neville Longbottom :iconmochatchi:mochatchi 126 19 ROGUE ONE by RM73 ROGUE ONE :iconrm73:RM73 670 18 The Many Faces of Cinema: Harry Potter 20th Anni.* by Hyung86 The Many Faces of Cinema: Harry Potter 20th Anni.* :iconhyung86:Hyung86 724 12 +Belle+ by larienne +Belle+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,735 68 +Music Merida - Celtic Sounds+ by larienne +Music Merida - Celtic Sounds+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,853 63 (SU Spoilers) Lars and Steven by sharkie19 (SU Spoilers) Lars and Steven :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 3,135 88 Harry Potter by mochatchi Harry Potter :iconmochatchi:mochatchi 346 37
Look at all this awesome stuff people drew!

Keep up the good work, guys!! :la:




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AS - I Am Eoin's Descendent
Meet Elliot O'Flynn, Peter's maternal uncle and the descendant of the demon hunter, Eoin O'Flynn. Despite being human, Elliot's heritage grants him peculiar super strength and heightened senses. While he has no wishes to become a demon hunter, he wants to be able to protect his nephew from the evils that hunt them. 

*Outfit is subject to change

Elliot (c) Avenger-In-Training 
Dad Duo -doodle-
Little to no effort went into anatomy or accuracy/shot

Rowan and Dark are probably the type of dads who embarrass their daughter on a daily basis with their unconditional love and support. Also they think they're cool when they're really not.

Dark, Rowan (c) Avenger-In-Training 
Mr. Satan
Lucifer is such a nasty, problematic son of a bitch, but he's got a weirdly special place in my heart. 

Lucifer (c) faeriekink

Design was heavily inspired by
NotG - Villains
faeriekink and I have been busy with a new series - Novice of the Garden c: It focuses on the first gods, including the first Devil, God, Death, and the birth of the new gods. Wanted to make a little sprite sheet of the current villains in NotG, though since it's still in the works, more may be added. 

Series: Novice of the Garden

:skull: Ailierohn - the first Devil. Once an angel, he was cast out of Heaven and sent to a desolate realm, which he constructed into his own kingdom - Hell. Strikes fear into the hearts of his servants and is not someone to be crossed. Currently anticipating his demise and preparing for a new Devil to take his place on Hell's throne. 

:skull: Ilo - genderless fire god. Following Aillerohn and Sachiel's war, Ilo took Ailierohn's side, despite having a romantic relationship with a water god on Sachiel's side. Ailierohn used them to get information out of their lover regarding the enemy's moves. Was later turned into an ice sculpture after betraying their lover and turning him to stone.

:skull: Ather - a nightmare demon and Ailierohn's general. Was also once an angel but inherited physical demonic traits after his fall. Very loyal to Ailierohn and dedicated to his service. Under Ailierohn's orders, he fathered a son named Jude, who would later became the next Devil - Lucifer.

:skull: Thalia - a power hungry mortal woman who gave birth to both the first vampire and the next Devil. Stops at nothing to achieve power, even going as far as to trick the god of time into making her an immortal. Left her son Jude with his father almost as soon as he was born. 

Ather, Ilo (c) Avenger-In-Training

Ailierohn, Thalia (c) faeriekink 

All characters designs were heavily inspired and referenced from designs on Dreamselfy. Credit goes to this website for these designs. 

To make a long story short, I got slammed with schoolwork so I've just been struggling to catch up and have had very very little time to do any art ;u; In addition I'm in several clubs and have other obligations and I'm still trying to figure out a whole "rhythm" if you will Onion Boy 6 

That being said, no, I have not abandoned dA or Tumblr (at least on purpose)! My Charahub is probably going to be put off for a while, but I'm doing my best to stay active on dA and Tumblr XD;; I have been working on something in my spare time and hope to have some extra time this weekend to finish the sketch and move onto lineart (which, crazy as it may sound, may go faster bc it'll be on my laptop, which I take just about everywhere). 

So in all, I'm not dead, just so busy that sometimes I don't even look at my social media lol owo;;;

So in other news, how are y'all?//shot
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Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Stamp by Kataang-furuba History Stamp by TheStampCollector Rain Stamp by Stamp221 Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie The Friend Stamp by Busiris I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirl My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 STAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-Charity Background Music by Skylark-93 Wishful Thinking by whispwill Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 I love Snow by mceric The Gallery Stamp by Busiris Hate Mondays :stamp: by Amblygon Love to read by Claire-stamps Individuality by prosaix Potter Books :stamp: by Amblygon STAMP: I Heart Coffee by zungzwang Worry So Much stamp by Mirz123 Stamp- Drawing Addict by Xenelle I'm Only Human Stamp by mylastel Kuroshitsuji Stamp by AnDarkPrincess Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Supernatural by kicsianna Jekyll and Hyde Musical STAMP by lonewined


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