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AS - Staying By Your Side by Avenger-In-Training AS - Staying By Your Side by Avenger-In-Training
There was supposed to be more to this, but I ended up cutting the rest for various reasons ... one of which being that I don't have an outfit design for Peter that I like yet and was reeeeally unsatisfied with what I had originally drawn :/

But anyway, this allows me to catch up on some things that have been happening in Apocalypse Sparks o: 

It all started a while ago when faeriekink's OC, X, approached Peter for the first time. X is Peter's older half-brother and he also knows their father, Ash, pretty well, including the fact that Ash wouldn't have another child by accident. There's always another motive. So, while Peter and Ben were at a fair in the town near the children's hospital, X managed to find Peter to see what he was like for himself. 

He also managed to get Peter alone with him, though it took some convincing because Peter was not trusting of this stranger, and revealed that they were related. Now Peter up til that point had been having dreams of the Greysons, though he didn't know who they were or how they pertained to him. So while that was shocking news, it felt plausible - why else would he be having dreams of those people? However, it was also revealed to him that his father is a demon, therefore making him a half-demon. 

Peter hated demons for what had happened to the Earth, so he really did not want to believe that he was one himself. He got very angry and ran away, trying to convince himself that he wasn't like those monsters he hated. But at the same time, it felt true - he wasn't like a normal human child, and he had never felt like one either. That didn't make it any easier to accept though, especially now that he felt like he was a danger to his friends. This led to a talk with Ben later that night where he told him everything that he had learned. He fully expected Ben to be repelled by him, especially since a demon had destroyed his entire town, but he wasn't. Ben told him that he was only a little different and that he wouldn't stop being his friend because of that. He cares about Peter and always has, so he isn't about to give him up right when he needs his help the most. 

However, just because Ben is tolerant doesn't mean everything is all grand. Peter still hasn't told Sophie ( though considering that she's a demon, she more than likely already knew ) and he could be in very real danger if anyone found out what he was. Someone may even try to kill him. And now Peter knows who he's related to. Who his father is. And he knows that it can't be good to be related to the Greysons, since he's seen in his dreams what they really are. 

Peter, Ben (c) Avenger-In-Training

X (mentioned) (c) faeriekink
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August 25, 2016
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