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AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience' :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 3 AS - Sabrina :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 2 AS - Trickery :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 8 4 AS - The Prophecy :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 4
AS - With Every Passing Year -gifty-
Katerina Greyson hummed to herself as she ran a silver brush through her thick, dark locks. The sun was beginning to set, casting a golden light into her bedroom and brightening up the pale blue walls. Earlier that day, she had drawn the white curtains for the first time in months. It was April and the last bits of the year's long and bitter winter had melted away, leaving behind blossoming trees and flowers in her garden. Even with the window closed, she could already imagine the gentle scent of lilacs that was beginning to fill the air, and after months of heavy clothing and wool, she could finally wear a light, pale green dress that felt ten pounds lighter than what she had previously been wearing. Spring was easily Katerina's favorite time of the year - it was a season of rebirth, beauty, and second chances. 
As she was sitting at her large vanity and combing her hair, Katerina heard the slight creak of a door opening. She smiled a knowing smile at herself in the mirror
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 2
AS - True Form :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 4 + When Night Falls + :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 7
AS - What the Storm Brought
A flash of white lightning danced across the sky as Dr. Amira Nassar watched from the safety of her tiny office. It was nearing two in the morning, but the lightning flashes almost made it seem like it was midday. A sheet of heavy rain pelted against her window and a low rumble of thunder shook the air. It was not like Amira had never seen a storm before, but she had always enjoyed watching them. Living along the Mediterranean her entire life, she had witnessed some truly spectacular storms and they had the habit of completely capturing her attention. 
That being said, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she was more than a little surprised. Nearly leaping a foot into the air, Amira quickly turned in her chair to face a young nurse's assistant, whose cheeks were turning red with embarrassment. 
"Sorry to disturb you, ma'am," she apologized in a quiet voice. Her heartbeat starting to slow, Amira adjusted the shayla around her head, tucked a loose strand of dark hair ba
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 4
AS - Staying By Your Side :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 0 AS - Fallen From Paradise :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 2 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella -art collab- :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 8 8
AS - Malachi
10 months ago
Sitting on a small hill overlooking a war torn village, Malachi Aurelia watched the crowd of people below him. They gathered around a large truck which had come to deliver food and supplies and did what they could to push themselves to the front. Rations were scarce and tensions ran high. People screamed and cursed at each other, shoving and hitting anyone who was too close to them. They reached out to the two women distributing food from the truck and tried to snatch away other villagers' rations. A huge, dangerous-looking man grabbed one worker by the arm and violently shook her, threatening that he'd rip her arm off if she didn't give him enough food for a month. Several soldiers stood by the truck and did what they could to manage the crowd, but they were exhausted and worn and didn't seem to have the energy to counteract the crowd's sheer force. They'd seen too many horrors to care anymore.
As he watched this scene unfold - wa
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 2
AS - The Prophet :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 5 AS - Poisonous Influence :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 6 4 Dark Beginnings - Part 3 :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 4
AS - A Partner
Ash Greyson had only been a demon for a year. And while he thought that his rebirth was the beginning of a new and better life, he was starting to think that he would be dead before he reached five years. If the Hell hound that was chasing him across the rocky hills wasn't going to kill him, then the demon Lord he had just insulted - the very person who sent the beast after him in the first place - certainly would. But then again, how was he supposed to know that he had been speaking with a Lord? In fact, how was he supposed to know anything about how Hell worked? 
Well, clearly, that didn't matter to the Hell hound, or his master for that matter, one bit. As Ash weaved his way through the great rock formations, his lungs and legs on fire, the great black hound pursued him, its red eyes burning like flames. He didn't bother to look behind him to see how close it was - quite frankly, he didn't want to know - but he could hear it growling and snarling. Dread was
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 4




I'm just a self-taught artist and writer with a deep love for psychology and mythology. :meow:

Feel free to look around and drop a fav or comment if you like! :D



Panda Rice Balls Stuffed with Adzuki Bean Paste :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 403 15 Pearl from Steven Universe :iconlighane:Lighane 638 98 A Monster in Paris :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 452 0 San Francisco Feb Afternoon... :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 339 18 Star Wars: Leia + Han :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,011 51 I'm a Pigasus! :iconlighane:Lighane 1,371 240 black lace waistcoat victorian steampunk romantic :iconsomniaromantica:SomniaRomantica 101 5
Look at all this awesome stuff people drew!

Keep up the good work, guys!! :la:


AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience'

"There must be something else I can do. Something that doesn't involve murder ..."

"Are you joking? You are a
demon, Greyson. My demon. And I'll be damned if I let some stupid little brat take my crown from me. Now you'd better take care of your mistake. Or else."

Things have not been going well for Ash Greyson. His daughter, recently rescued by him from the demon, Dark Night, had been held captive and tortured for weeks; his relationship with his oldest child, X, was more strained than ever; and another one of his sons, Marax, was being subjugated to horrible punishment by the Devil himself.

On top of this, Lucifer was now aware that Ash had another son, one that he believed was the child that would one day overthrow him.

Lucifer was very unhappy to learn about Peter’s existence – so much so that he turned his wrath on Marax (despite a previous agreement that he wouldn’t be harmed after his death) and threatened Ash with punishing the rest of his family. He made it clear he would release Marax if, and only if, Ash “disposed of” Peter. Of course, Ash couldn’t do that and tried to reason with Lucifer, but it would do him no good. Lucifer wanted his son dead and he would have his way.

Since these events, Ash had become more fearful for his family’s safety than ever. He had already nearly lost Gothika, who he had convinced to stay with him after her kidnapping, and could do nothing to protect Marax from Lucifer. More than anything, he was afraid for Peter’s safety. If he didn’t kill him, Lucifer would certainly find a way to have his head. So he believed, to protect his son, he needed him by his side … 

Ash (c) Avenger-In-Training

Lucifer (mentioned), Marax (mentioned), Gothika (mentioned) (c) faeriekink

AS - Sabrina
Sabrina Greyson - the youngest member of the family thus far and, unfortunately, one who's been caught up in the family's problems despite her young age. 

Sabrina (faeriekink's OC) is a pretty recurring character in Apocalypse Sparks. After her mother was kidnapped by Dark Night, she wound up being sent to the St. Nicholas Children's Hospital, where her uncle, Peter O'Flynn, also happens to live. The two of them happened to cross paths thanks to the hospital's psychologist, Dr. Amira Nassar, who thought that Peter and his behavioral issues might benefit from working with young children and learning patience. Peter knew that Sabrina's mother, Gothika, was his half-sister, so he took responsibility for Sabrina, becoming quite attached to her during their time together. Unfortunately, that stability was not meant to last ... 

Sabrina (c) faeriekink
AS - Trickery
Ah yes, time to finally catch up on all the plot-related things that have been going on behind the scenes (=w=)b Pls keep in mind that a lot of these events actually happened months ago and I've just been too busy to update information in real time :XD:;

A lot of events have happened in the OC world and this particular moment is perhaps the catalyst that started it all. 

Months ago, Dark Night approached Gothika Grey, a woman whom he had a brief affair with despite being engaged. Dark didn't know at the time that Gothika was the daughter of the demon that tortured him down in Hell, but once he found that out, he saw an opportunity to take some revenge. Under the guise that he wanted to have a real relationship with Gothika, he tricked her and kidnapped her, locking her in the basement of an abandoned house. Gothika herself lost her powers some time ago and was unable to free herself. 

Wanting revenge, Dark began to inflict the same torture on Gothika that her father had done to him. Dark wanted him to know the pain he felt ...

At the same time that Dark came to Gothika's home, Gothika's daughter, Sabrina, was away at daycare. After her mother failed to show up and was nowhere to be found, the daycare staff turned Sabrina over to the authorities, who deemed her an orphan. And like all orphans of the Great Massacre, she was sent away to St. Nicholas' Children's Hospital, the very same hospital one of her relatives now lived at.

Dark (c) Avenger-In-Training

Gothika, Sabrina (mentioned) (c) faeriekink

To make a long story short, I got slammed with schoolwork so I've just been struggling to catch up and have had very very little time to do any art ;u; In addition I'm in several clubs and have other obligations and I'm still trying to figure out a whole "rhythm" if you will Onion Boy 6 

That being said, no, I have not abandoned dA or Tumblr (at least on purpose)! My Charahub is probably going to be put off for a while, but I'm doing my best to stay active on dA and Tumblr XD;; I have been working on something in my spare time and hope to have some extra time this weekend to finish the sketch and move onto lineart (which, crazy as it may sound, may go faster bc it'll be on my laptop, which I take just about everywhere). 

So in all, I'm not dead, just so busy that sometimes I don't even look at my social media lol owo;;;

So in other news, how are y'all?//shot
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