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Little Miss Roze'lia by Avenger-In-Training Little Miss Roze'lia :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 0 AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience' by Avenger-In-Training AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience' :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 3 AS - Sabrina by Avenger-In-Training AS - Sabrina :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 2 AS - Trickery by Avenger-In-Training AS - Trickery :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 8 4 AS - The Prophecy by Avenger-In-Training AS - The Prophecy :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 4
AS - With Every Passing Year -gifty-
Katerina Greyson hummed to herself as she ran a silver brush through her thick, dark locks. The sun was beginning to set, casting a golden light into her bedroom and brightening up the pale blue walls. Earlier that day, she had drawn the white curtains for the first time in months. It was April and the last bits of the year's long and bitter winter had melted away, leaving behind blossoming trees and flowers in her garden. Even with the window closed, she could already imagine the gentle scent of lilacs that was beginning to fill the air, and after months of heavy clothing and wool, she could finally wear a light, pale green dress that felt ten pounds lighter than what she had previously been wearing. Spring was easily Katerina's favorite time of the year - it was a season of rebirth, beauty, and second chances. 
As she was sitting at her large vanity and combing her hair, Katerina heard the slight creak of a door opening. She smiled a knowing smile at herself in the mirror
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 2
AS - True Form by Avenger-In-Training AS - True Form :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 4 + When Night Falls + by Avenger-In-Training + When Night Falls + :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 5 7
AS - What the Storm Brought
A flash of white lightning danced across the sky as Dr. Amira Nassar watched from the safety of her tiny office. It was nearing two in the morning, but the lightning flashes almost made it seem like it was midday. A sheet of heavy rain pelted against her window and a low rumble of thunder shook the air. It was not like Amira had never seen a storm before, but she had always enjoyed watching them. Living along the Mediterranean her entire life, she had witnessed some truly spectacular storms and they had the habit of completely capturing her attention. 
That being said, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she was more than a little surprised. Nearly leaping a foot into the air, Amira quickly turned in her chair to face a young nurse's assistant, whose cheeks were turning red with embarrassment. 
"Sorry to disturb you, ma'am," she apologized in a quiet voice. Her heartbeat starting to slow, Amira adjusted the shayla around her head, tucked a loose strand of dark hair ba
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 4
AS - Staying By Your Side by Avenger-In-Training AS - Staying By Your Side :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 2 0 AS - Fallen From Paradise by Avenger-In-Training AS - Fallen From Paradise :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 2 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella -art collab- by Avenger-In-Training Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella -art collab- :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 8 8
AS - Malachi
10 months ago
Sitting on a small hill overlooking a war torn village, Malachi Aurelia watched the crowd of people below him. They gathered around a large truck which had come to deliver food and supplies and did what they could to push themselves to the front. Rations were scarce and tensions ran high. People screamed and cursed at each other, shoving and hitting anyone who was too close to them. They reached out to the two women distributing food from the truck and tried to snatch away other villagers' rations. A huge, dangerous-looking man grabbed one worker by the arm and violently shook her, threatening that he'd rip her arm off if she didn't give him enough food for a month. Several soldiers stood by the truck and did what they could to manage the crowd, but they were exhausted and worn and didn't seem to have the energy to counteract the crowd's sheer force. They'd seen too many horrors to care anymore.
As he watched this scene unfold - wa
:iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 1 2
AS - The Prophet by Avenger-In-Training AS - The Prophet :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 4 5 AS - Poisonous Influence by Avenger-In-Training AS - Poisonous Influence :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 6 4 Dark Beginnings - Part 3 by Avenger-In-Training Dark Beginnings - Part 3 :iconavenger-in-training:Avenger-In-Training 3 4




I'm just a self-taught artist and writer with a deep love for psychology and mythology. :meow:

Feel free to look around and drop a fav or comment if you like! :D



Raffle - 1st Prize by Leonology Raffle - 1st Prize :iconleonology:Leonology 21 1 unworthy by marreeps unworthy :iconmarreeps:marreeps 1,547 60 heart eyes by marreeps heart eyes :iconmarreeps:marreeps 2,433 87 Blue Gems by DAV-19 Blue Gems :icondav-19:DAV-19 8,578 0 Panda Rice Balls Stuffed with Adzuki Bean Paste by theresahelmer Panda Rice Balls Stuffed with Adzuki Bean Paste :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 451 15 Pearl from Steven Universe by Lighane Pearl from Steven Universe :iconlighane:Lighane 682 102 A Monster in Paris by In-The-Machine A Monster in Paris :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 452 0 San Francisco Feb Afternoon... by theresahelmer San Francisco Feb Afternoon... :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 343 19
Look at all this awesome stuff people drew!

Keep up the good work, guys!! :la:


Little Miss Roze'lia
:bulletpurple: Name - Sophie Jane Roze'lia

:bulletpurple: Age - 12-years-old

:bulletpurple: Birthday - April 23rd 

:bulletpurple: Sex - Female 

:bulletpurple: Race - Demon hybrid ( Shadow demon/human/Izzira )

:bulletpurple: Mother - Mina Night 

:bulletpurple: Father - Azurea Roze'lia

:bulletpurple: Sibling(s) - None

:bulletpurple: Grandfathers - Dark Night, Giovanni Roze'lia

:bulletpurple: Grandmothers - Jacqueline La Croix, Ixira Roze'lia 

:bulletpurple: Uncle(s) - William La Croix, Viper Night

:bulletpurple: Aunt(s) - Charlotte Roze'lia, Mika Night

:bulletpurple: Cousin(s) - Emily Dragomir-Sayuri, Jason La Croix, Shadow La Croix, Taylor La Croix, Stella La Croix

:bulletpurple: Darkness - Valeria 

:bulletpurple: Friends - Peter O'Flynn, Ben Parker, Adam Cohen, Noah Sayuri, Emily Dragomir-Sayuri, Mika Night, Emma Itachi, Taylor Benson, Renji

:bulletpurple: Enemies - Valefar, Ash Greyson, Valeria, Malachi Aurelia

Sophie Jane Roze'lia was born through a crime. Her mother, a serious drug addict, took advantage of and raped a man by the name of Azurea Roze'lia, who was already struggling with his own issues of demonic possession by a demon named Valefar. The encounter ended with Mina becoming pregnant with a child she was woefully unprepared to care for. Despite being with child, she couldn't shake her drug addiction and continued to use up until Sophie was born. This fortunately did no physical or mental damage to Sophie, but would have drastic effects that lasted for years. 

While at the hospital, shortly after giving birth, Mina tested positive for drug use and a decision was made that it would be best for Sophie if she did not live with her mother. Merely a couple weeks after entering the world, Sophie was placed in a foster home. The arrangement was only meant to be temporary while Mina was given the opportunity to get clean; Sophie, however, would remain in foster care for ten years while her mother struggled to overcome her addiction. 

The woman working Sophie's case, Lavinia Wilcox, worked tirelessly with both Sophie and Mina to have them reunite. Whenever Sophie had to switch homes for whatever reason, she was there to make sure the transition was smooth and the home environment was a good fit for Sophie; having grown up in a bad foster home, Lavinia always made sure her clients ended up in good, safe homes. Lavinia also worked with Mina and her addiction, advocating for her in court so that she would not have her parental rights terminated. After years of no luck, Lavinia finally got in contact with a rehabilitation center that got Mina clean within a year. 

It wasn't until Sophie was ten-years-old that her mother could have full custody of her. Sophie was glad to be with her mother, but also couldn't help but feel some disappointment that it had taken so long. It felt like maybe her mother didn't want her that badly, because she had put drugs over Sophie time and time again. Sophie lived with her mother for a year and a half before things changed for the worse.

The demon possessing Sophie's father fed off of negative energy, and he knew that Sophie would be born under a shadow that would remain with her for the rest of her life. He needed her to stay under that shadow so he could feed off the negative energy that would result; he was responsible for breaking up the foster homes Sophie lived in, so she would not start to feel the effects of their positive influence. Now that Sophie was with her mother, he had to get rid of her too. Mina suffered from severe anxiety and depression following her rehabilitation, so Valefar used that to his advantage to manipulate Mina into overdosing on drugs. Sophie attempted to get her mother help, but by the time the EMTs arrived, she was already dead. 

Sophie was without a home once again, but she didn't go into the foster care system this time. Instead, her uncle, William La Croix, offered to take her in. What no one knew at the time was that William was under the influence of a powerful, evil angel, which created in him an alter ego by the name of "Shade"; rather than take her home, Shade imprisoned Sophie in his hideout and tortured her for several months. He had even gone so far as to molest her several times. A team of rescue workers, who were already busy evacuating refugees from a nearby town Shade had destroyed, came across her prison and sent her off to St. Nicholas' Children's Hospital, for orphans of the Great Massacre. She stayed at the hospital for several months, receiving both medical and psychological care and making several new friends that helped her through the trauma. 

Currently, Sophie lives with her maternal aunt, Charlotte, and Azurea, after he was successfully exorcised of Valefar. She is becoming increasingly close with her father's side of the family and remains in contact with friends made from the children's hospital, though they have all gone on to live in different places of the world. The stability and security of Charlotte's home has helped Sophie significantly, but she still remains traumatized from her past and cannot bring herself to disclose this to anyone. Instead, she focuses her energy on helping others cope, such as giving comfort to her friends, Peter and Ben, and helping her father grow out of his shell. 

Though she has Azurea, a creeping thought in the back of Sophie's mind tells her that Valefar will come back one day. She doesn't believe he will leave the Roze'lias alone that easily. So she has begun to prepare for the day she'll have to face him and her past again.

:bulletpurple: She is ambidextrous and can use two weapons at once. Her left hand, though, is sliiiightly weaker than her right, so although she can use two weapons, she prefers to use a shield to hide the fact that that hand is weaker. 

:bulletpurple: She doesn't look like it, but she can be hella stubborn if she wants to be.

:bulletpurple: She also has a tendency to get very aggressive and competitive in competition events. 

:bulletpurple: Her dream is to grow up and be a social worker for foster children. 

:bulletpurple: Sophie was born with perfect eyesight, but Shade had once hit her in the head so hard, it ruined her vision. Now she needs glasses because she's very nearsighted. 

:bulletpurple: Little creatures made entirely of shadow have a tendency to appear, follow Sophie around, then disappear spontaneously. It is believed these creatures are a magic-induced expression of Sophie's imagination, as they tend to resemble creatures that would be found in the realm of Hyacinth, where her grandfather is from. 

:bulletpurple: Due to being a hybrid of multiple species, Sophie's immune system is compromised, resulting in poor health. At times, her own immune system can turn on her body and attack her organs, resulting in severe pain and damage. It is a chronic, but treatable, condition she'll have to deal with for the rest of her life. 


Sophie, Mika, Stella (c) Avenger-In-Training and faeriekink

Adam, Anya, Ash, Ben, Dark, Jacqueline, Jason, Malachi, Mina, Peter, Shadow, Taylor, Viper, William (c) Avenger-In-Training 

Azurea, Charlotte, Emily, Emma, Giovanni, Ixira, Valefar (c) faeriekink

Noah (c) faeriekink and Trickno 

Renji (c) TinyKuroNeko
AS - 'I'm Running Out of Patience'

"There must be something else I can do. Something that doesn't involve murder ..."

"Are you joking? You are a
demon, Greyson. My demon. And I'll be damned if I let some stupid little brat take my crown from me. Now you'd better take care of your mistake. Or else."

Things have not been going well for Ash Greyson. His daughter, recently rescued by him from the demon, Dark Night, had been held captive and tortured for weeks; his relationship with his oldest child, X, was more strained than ever; and another one of his sons, Marax, was being subjugated to horrible punishment by the Devil himself.

On top of this, Lucifer was now aware that Ash had another son, one that he believed was the child that would one day overthrow him.

Lucifer was very unhappy to learn about Peter’s existence – so much so that he turned his wrath on Marax (despite a previous agreement that he wouldn’t be harmed after his death) and threatened Ash with punishing the rest of his family. He made it clear he would release Marax if, and only if, Ash “disposed of” Peter. Of course, Ash couldn’t do that and tried to reason with Lucifer, but it would do him no good. Lucifer wanted his son dead and he would have his way.

Since these events, Ash had become more fearful for his family’s safety than ever. He had already nearly lost Gothika, who he had convinced to stay with him after her kidnapping, and could do nothing to protect Marax from Lucifer. More than anything, he was afraid for Peter’s safety. If he didn’t kill him, Lucifer would certainly find a way to have his head. So he believed, to protect his son, he needed him by his side … 

Ash (c) Avenger-In-Training

Lucifer (mentioned), Marax (mentioned), Gothika (mentioned) (c) faeriekink


To make a long story short, I got slammed with schoolwork so I've just been struggling to catch up and have had very very little time to do any art ;u; In addition I'm in several clubs and have other obligations and I'm still trying to figure out a whole "rhythm" if you will Onion Boy 6 

That being said, no, I have not abandoned dA or Tumblr (at least on purpose)! My Charahub is probably going to be put off for a while, but I'm doing my best to stay active on dA and Tumblr XD;; I have been working on something in my spare time and hope to have some extra time this weekend to finish the sketch and move onto lineart (which, crazy as it may sound, may go faster bc it'll be on my laptop, which I take just about everywhere). 

So in all, I'm not dead, just so busy that sometimes I don't even look at my social media lol owo;;;

So in other news, how are y'all?//shot
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My zombie slaying partner ~ Turtleboy743

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